About Tanzania Safaris

Why visit Tanzania

Tanzania is the pinnacle of beauty in Africa, a home of natural wonders where you’ll make promises to return for more adventures. The Kilimanjaro Mountain, the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and the exotic Island of Zanzibar are some of the outstanding attractions that rank highly in Africa and around the world.

What’s unique about Tanzania’s tourist attractions?

Most of the natural wonders are within short distances from each other and are easily accessible for exploration. Regarding visiting parks and game reserves, you’ll be thrilled to spot animals, reptiles and birds on or beside roads, easily! We invite you to explore the land of Maasai, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar.

Why book with Bookings Tanzania Safaris?

We are experienced tour operators with local knowledge of Tanzania's national parks, landscapes, beaches, wildlife and culture. We offer competitive prices and exceptional service to all our customers. No inquiry is too small! Whether you are an individual, family, honeymoon or groups looking for unique adventure in Tanzania, we can arrange it.

What is the best time to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania can be visited all year around however for the purpose of Tourism, we recommend as follow: January to Match – shorter dry season, perfect to visit the Serengeti with possibilities to see the BIG 5; April & May – Long rainy season, low tourist season; June to October – long dry months, pick tourist season. And November & December – Short rains with lower tourist volume.

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